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Joan contacted Senior Home Services having received our information leaflet through her door. Joan requested some support and tuition to use an ipad that had been given as a present from her family who live a considerable distance away from Shropshire.


Senior Home Services supported Joan by setting up an email address and drafting messages with image attachments to family members. Joan was delighted with the response from family members which included images of great grandchildren.


Joan is now confident in using her ipad. She was amazed how much technology has changed since retiring from employment. She now often makes video calls to family members and spends her evenings on Wikipedia researching animals and places she loves.


Learning all about the World Wide Web has given Joan a new skill to share. It has also enabled another topic of conversation to be discussed with her friends at social activities she attends.



This lady has changed her life around considerably with the support of Senior Home Services. Caz has been a customer since the Summer 2019 having got in touch through the company’s Facebook page. She has regained confidence to go out and enjoy the basic shopping experience most take for granted.


Caz’s past situation is one of sadness. Her husband passed away in 2016. With no close family or friends Caz suffered the traumatic experience of bereavement alone. She isolated herself from the outside world. Unmotivated to do anything a steady decline in Caz’s physical & mental health took hold.


Caz was left bed bound for months. She became dependent on Carers to support with personal care. Her experience of this escalated her anxiety due to the high turnover of different Carers. Sometimes Caz would see 3 different Carers a day over a period of a week. She felt there was no consistency and no desire from the Care Company for Caz to build up a trust with Carers, physically, mentally or socially.


Caz’s health needs escalated further. She became frightened just before each care call and was nervous and agitated when they arrived. With little or no consistency from the same Carer there was not any intention to build a trusting relationship. The support left Caz feeling violated and she doubted she would ever leave the house again.


Caz first asked Senior Home Services to carry out and deliver her weekly shop. Quality time was spent chatting over a cup of tea once the groceries were delivered. A relationship was built up over a month and an encouragement from Senior Home Services for Caz to participate in her shopping errands.


Spending time in getting to know each other enabled Caz to regain self-confidence to go out into the community accompanied. There have been a lot of nervous hurdles along the way but there have been many happy ones too. Senior Home Services is contracted to support Caz once a week on a shopping trip.


We play her favourite music in the car and when out in the community Caz meets people that she has not seen for years. She has regained her confidence to stop and chat to people whilst out shopping. Caz’s current mission is refurnishing her home. It is an absolute pleasure to see Caz enjoying this as much as we do.

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