Senior Home Services launched their idea in may 2019.

The initial service was to support customers to feel confident in carrying out their weekly shop & to enjoy

the whole experience with a friendly companion.


Since its launch, inquiries to the company have requested support and companionship for other needs and aspirations. Inquiries have included the following with some of our customers benefitting from and/ or looking forward to the extended services.

What we do:

Keeping in Touch

We support customers to keep in touch with their loved ones who live a distance away.

Whether this is traditional letter writing or bringing along our own technology resources to support with video calls, sending messages & pictures etc.

We will support the lines of communication to stay open and be accessible.

Helping with technology

With technology ever changing its sometimes impossible to keep up. If a customer has any technology devices in their home e.g. Mobile phone, tablet or computer, we can take the time to show individuals to use their devices and explore the internet confidently and safely.

Over Night Stays

When living alone waking through out the night can sometimes feel a little frightening. If the customers accommodation is suitable we can offer an overnight stay companionship service that encourages the individual to regain confidence.

Pet care

Pets offer great companionship and enjoyment that improves health and well being. They also come with needs that Senior Home Services can support customers with. This includes a dog walking service, visits to the vets and/or groomers and collection of pet food.


We understand that going out anywhere alone & using public transport can sometimes be overwhelming. We offer to accompany customers to wherever they wish to go;









We also offer an in-house companion services

Listening to Music

Sitting & Chatting

Watching Television

Play games

Read Books

Contact us

You can reach us on:

Phone: 07871 137184


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