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Name: Colleen Bremner


Position: Managing Director


"I am the founder of Senior Home Services & I believe that making daily experiences, that most take for granted, achievable will make our community stronger. I am 100 % dedicated to support Senior Home Services customers in reaching a happier and more independent lifestyle in whatever their needs and aspirations may be.


Growing up in Shropshire I enjoy working alongside residents to make the area the best it can be. I am a Parent Governor at my daughters Primary School in Telford. I feel it is important to listen to local needs and advocate their voices in an ever changing environment.


I live on the doorstep of The Granville Country Park. I feel very lucky to have such a mix of urban and rural life, one that is enriched with local heritage and wildlife for everyone to enjoy.


My diverse educational background and my volunteer interests have given me the skills and experience to work with a wide spectrum of people and organisations. This is what I enjoy the most – encouraging and empowering individuals that make communities the best they can be”.

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